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Council Info

The DongJak District Council always opens to the people. We naver neglect any opinion from the people.

The constitution of the council

  • Chairman
    • Vice Chairman
      • Standing Committee
        • Steering Committee
        • Administrative & Finance
        • Social Welfare & Construction Committee
      • Special Committee

The council office

  • The Secretary-General
    • Experts
    • Politics Team
    • Proceedings Team
    • Communication Team

The representative

  • The district council representative is the representative who elected by popular, equal, direct, and secret voting. The present Dongjak District Council is constituted in 17 members (district constituency 15, proportional representation 2)

The term of membership

  • The term of membership of the local representative is 4 years and the 8th district council started from July 1st, 2018 and expires on June 30th, 2022.


  • The district council representative must perform his/her duties sincerely upon his/her conscience with considering public interests.
  • The district council representative is under obligation to be upright and must keep his/her dignity.
  • The district council representative must not abuse power to gain the property right or position with the contracting with the local government, public organization or enterprise and also must not request position for other persons.

The chairman / the vice chairman

  • The chairman represents the council, manages the proceedings, keeps order, and directs administrative works.
  • The vice chairman acts for the chairman when the chairman is in an accident.

The standing committee

  • The standing committee consists of 3 committee according to the jurisdiction of executive organ.
  • The present Dongjak District Council has steering committee, administrative and finance committee, and welfare and construction committee. For screening special items, the special committee should be formed.

The council office

  • Under the direction of the chairman, the council office is for the office work as like legislative work, managing work. The Dongjak District Council office has the chief and 27 staffs.


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