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The Council Steering Committee

Seo Jung Taek

Dear honorable residents of Dongjak-gu!

Dongjak-gu Council has already established its 8th one since the opening of its 1st council in 1991, and 17 members who represent the wills of residents are always working with a creative and innovative attitude to reflect all of your voices to the council administration.

Themed on ‘Green Dongjak, Open Council’, the 8th Council which is starting anew is and is fulfilling its responsibilities and roles to turn the dreams of 400,000 residents into a new reality and is striving to act as ‘civil affairs mentor’ to resolve the difficulties of our residents.

In leading the Steering Committee, I will take initiative and show star examples to realize the politics of coexistence while communicating with the ruling and opposition parties based on the help of seniors and colleagues.
To research more agendas and reflect their achievements in the council administration, I will strive to make committee faithfully perform its role as a steering that suggests directions in the council members’ administrative and legislative activities.
I will always listen attentively to the residents’ voices with a humble and low attitude and work directly onsite as well.
Finally, I will suggest policy alternatives based on the people’s livelihood to improve the quality of residents’ life and make a productive council, and gather all of our strength and wisdom together to create a happy society for all.

The fervent attention and love of all our residents is the driving force of our council’s development. For the Dongjak-gu Councilto become the energy to realize advanced local governance as a representative body of residents, I would like to ask for your generous support and attention.

Thank you very much.

The Council Steering Committee.
Chairman Seo Jung Taek

The Council Steering Committee

The Council Steering Committee

The steering committee consists of 9 council members.
- Matters about steering of the district council
- Matters about the organization of the special committee
- Matters about the regulations of the council and other rules
- Matters within the jurisdiction of the district council office

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