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Administration and Finance Committee

Jeon Gap Bong

Dear residents of Dongjak-gu, I am Chairman Gab-bong Jeon of the Administrative Finance Committee.

First, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the residents who have always supported me with generous love and continuous interest,
public service officials of the gu (borough) office, and the senior members and colleagues who have elected me as the Chairman of the Administrative Finance
CommitteeChairman. It is such a huge honor to be the Administrative Finance Committee Chairman of the first-term of 8th Dongjak-gu Council that is starting anew, and I also feel a heavy sense of responsibility.

As a re-elected council member, I feel the huge burden of having to lead the Administrative Finance Committee but will do my best to fulfill my duties and roles by applying myself closely and carefully for punishment and virtuous conduct.
Accordingly, I will strive to accept the opinions and will of the people by opening my mind, listen to the residents’ voices by opening my years, and to be with residents by working hard.

In addition, I cannot neglect even a very trivial matter since the Administrative Finance Committee directly influences our residents as the body overseeing the Budget Team and the Healthcare Center.
Reflecting the fast-changing ideals of the era, we will try to approach from multi-angular dimensions for various policies to be established in our borough.
By coordinating with the Executive Branch that has put in extraordinary effort with residents in all sites and scenes, we will make Dongjak-gu a better place to live and achieve coexistence and harmony, by reflecting the opinions of the Administrative Finance Committee members.
Our council is a representative institution that must accept the opinions of residents.
With a hope that we become the Administrative Finance Committee that think of its residents first and share opinions together, I would like to always wish for health and happiness in your households and workplaces. Thank you very much.

Our council is a representative body to collect opinions of residents. I would like to be the administrative and financial committee to think about residents first and share their opinions with them. I wish you and your family's home and work always full of good fortune and health. Thank you.

Administrative Finance Committee
Chairperson Jeon Gap Bong

Administration and Finance Committee

Administration and Finance Committee

Administration and Finance Committee consist of 9 council members.
- Matters within the jurisdiction of the Civil Life Support Bureau
- Matters within the jurisdiction of the bureau of construction and transportation
- Matters within the jurisdiction of the bureau of city

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