Welcom TO dongjak district council - The Dongjak District Council always opens to the people. We never neglect any opinion from the people.

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Chairman's Greetings

Park won gyu
Dear all residents and netizens,

Welcome all who have visited the website of Dongjak-gu Council with your warm love and attention.

Dongjak-gu Council has already established its 8th one since the opening of its 1st council in 1991, and 17 members who represent the wills of residents are always working with a creative and innovative attitude to reflect all of your voices to the council administration.

The 8th Council, which is starting anew, is themed on "Open Council that Reaches Out & Residents' Happiness that Comes Closer" to realize an ‘Open Council’ that attentively listens to the residents’ opinions, civil affairs, and difficulties; a ‘Policy Council’ that watches the efficiency and appropriateness of budget execution and suggests alternatives;and a ‘Communicative Council’ that makes Dongjak-gu competitive through checks and balances on the Executive Branch as well as the harmony of cooperation. Also, by uniting with the members of the 8thDongjak-gu Council, we will strive to specify the future visions and policy directions of Dongjak-gu and contribute to the development of our community.

I would like to sincerely ask for many of your attention and support for our Dongjak-gu Councilto develop further, and always wish for health and happiness in your households.

Thank you very much.

The council chairperson KANG HAN OK

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In addition, we will make efforts to contribute to the development of Dongjak District by embodying future vision and policy direction that Dongjin District should be with as one with the members of the 8th Dongjin District Council. We would like to ask for your support and encouragement so that our congress will develop and wish you a healthy and good luck in your home. Thank you.